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How to write a philosophy paper: Guidelines

First handout (Physicalism and Kripke)

My lecture handout from 2/24 (Davidson: Mental Events)

My lecture handout from 4/6 (Three Kinds of Functionalism)

Second handout (The Chinese Room and the Systems Reply)




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Wednesday 1-2pm, 105 Dwinelle

Wednesday 2-3pm, 106 Dwinelle

Wednesday 3-4pm, 283 Dwinelle




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April 30, 2004


The last set of homework assignments is due on Thursday (5/6). I asked you to answer each question in one sentence. Good luck.


April 29, 2004


I posted a handout for those of you who got confused about the terminological questions that came up at lecture yesterday. You can find it above.


April 13, 2004


The second handout on Searle's Chinese Room argument and the 'systems reply' is here (see above).


April 5, 2004


The handout I used on 4/5 at lecture (on three kinds of functionalist theories is here (see link above).


February 24, 2004


The handout I used on 2/24 at lecture (on Davidson's article 'Mental Events' is here (see above).


February 18, 2004


The first handout on Physicalism and Kripke is here (see above).


February 4, 2004


Since the book misery is still unsolved, here are two links for two papers that are assigned. These should be enough for the Turing topic. Here they are: Computing machinery and intelligence by Turing himself and The mind as the software of the brain by Ned Block (you should read only section 1.1 from this one). (they are both linked from the course's official website too).

I hope this helps at least a bit.


January 31, 2004


Room change for the Wednesday 1-2 section: from next week we'll meet in 105 Dwinelle (not far from where we met last week).


January 29, 2004



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January 28, 2004


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