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Philosophy 3

The Nature of Mind

An Introduction to Philosophy of Mind


Summer 2005






 Bence Nanay
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Erica Klempner (ericaklempner@yahoo.com)

170 Barrows

M/Tu/W 24:30

 155 Barrows

W 2-3, 3-4



06/25/05: Last handout on the McGinn article. You may find it useful when reading the thing. Follow the link above.

06/21/05: New handout on Dretske and on Naturalism. Follow the link above.

06/20/05: My office hours this week: Wednesday the 22nd 1-2pm. Café Strada.

06/18/05: New handout on externalism and internalism. It may be useful when you read the two Putnam articles. See the link above.

06/14/05: My office hours this week are on Thursday from 4 to 5 at Café Strada.

06/14/05: The paper topics for the second paper are now online. See the link above.

06/13/05: I will announce my office hours by email (it will probably be on Thursday).

06/09/05: There is a link to the Grice article at the HANDOUTS section of this website. As it is a PDF file, you need an Acrobat Reader in order to open it. Every campus computer should have this program, but you can also download it for free from www.acrobat.com.

06/08/05: ROOM CHANGE AGAIN. From next time (the 13th) we will be meeting in 122 Barrows instead of 170 Barrows.

06/06/05: You may be interested to know that the paper topic you are asked to write about is paper topic number two. See the link above for the exact paper topic. The deadline is Wednesday (before class).

06/05/05: I will hold emergency office hours (that is, office hours the evening before the paper is due) on Tuesday the 7th from 4.30 to 5.30 at Café Strada.

06/01/05: I uploaded some of the handouts I distributed or will distribute in class. See the link above.

05/31/05: The paper topics for the first paper are now online. See the link above.

05/30/05: Office hours this week: Wednesday 4.30-5.30, Café Strada (Bancroft and College).

05/30/05: ROOM CHANGE. Now we are meeting in 170 Barrows instead of 155 Barrows.

05/23/05: We'll start today. The syllabus is now the final one.


05/13/05: The website is up and running. The (more or less) final syllabus is above.