Aesthetics as Philosophy of Perception

Graduate seminar

Bence Nanay

Spring 2014





Thursday, 3pm-6pm, on the following days (more to be added):


February 13 (guest speaker: Gabriel Greenberg)

February 20 (guest speaker: Casey O'Callaghan)

February 27 (guest speaker: Jerrold Levinson)

March 6 (guest speaker: Catharine Abell)

March 20 (guest speaker: Catherine Wilson)

April 3 (guest speaker: Rob Hopkins)

May 8 (guest speaker: Dom Lopes)

May 22 (guest speaker: Jenefer Robinson)



Participation in class: 25%

Presentation in class: 25%

3000 word paper at the end of the semester: 50%

No oral exam

 Readings (tba):

February 27:

March 6:

March 20:

April 3:

May 8:

May 22: