Unconscious Mental Processes

Graduate seminar

Bence Nanay

Spring 2015





Thursday, 3pm-6pm, on the following days:


February 12 (guest speaker: Axel Cleeremans)

March 5 (guest speaker: Julien Deonna)

March 12 (guest speaker: Galen Strawson)

March 19 (guest speaker: Ian Philips)

March 26 (guest speaker: Jennifer Nagel)

April 30 (guest speakers: Matthew Nudds and Frederique de Vignemont

May 7 (guest speaker: Ophelia Deroy)

May 13 (note the Wednesday date) (guest speaker: Ned Block)

May 21 (guest speakers: Roy Sorensen and Roberto Casati)



Participation in class: 20%

Short written response for each class (max 2p single spaced): 30%

3000 word paper at the end of the semester: 50%

No oral exam


February 12: TBA

March 5: TBA

March 12: TBA

March 19: TBA

March 26: TBA

May 7: TBA

May 13: TBA

May 21: TBA