Desires and Action

Graduate seminar

Bence Nanay

Spring 2018



S. S. 004 (not S. R. 106 as originally indicated, but the first class will be in S. R. 106)


Thursday, 4pm–6 pm (unless otherwise indicated), on the following days:


February 15 (no guest speaker) – in S. R. 106

March 1 (guest speaker: Richard Holton)

March 15 (guest speaker: David Velleman)

March 22 (guest speaker: Lucy O'Brien)

April 19 (guest speaker: Gianfranco Soldati)

April 26 (guest speaker: Thor Grunbaum)

May 3 (guest speaker: Tim Schroeder)

May 17 (guest speaker: Declan Smithies)



Participation in class: 20%

3000 word paper at the end of the semester: 80%

No oral exam