Imagery and Imagination

Graduate seminar

Bence Nanay

Spring 2017



S. S. 004


Thursday, 4pm–6 pm (unless otherwise indicated), on the following days:


February 16 (no guest speaker)

February 23 (guest speaker: Jack Lyons)

March 9 (2pm-5pm, guest speakers: Stacie Friend and Cynthia Freeland)

March 16 (4.20pm-6pm, guest speaker: Dominic Gregory)

April 30 (guest speakers: Joel Pearson and Anya Farennikova)

April 20 (guest speakers: Robert Briscoe)

May 19 (Friday, not Thursday) guest speakers: Tim Crane and Kati Farkas)



Participation in class: 20%

3000 word paper at the end of the semester: 80%

No oral exam