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Philosophy 690

Scientific Realism

 Bence Nanay

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Fall 2007




528 Hall of Languages


Thursday, 6.30pm-midnight






11/01/07: Readings for next time: the Lyons paper, the Van Fraassen chapter and the Stanford paper.

10/30/07: Bit of confusion: the Van Fraassen link was pointing to a different piece by him, but now it's indeed chapter 2 of the Scientific Image. Sorry.

10/27/07: Oh, and read the Quine paper twice please.

10/25/07: It's unclear how many times we will meet, so please read the Quine, the Mellor, the Mayr and the Van Fraassen for next time. If you have time for three only, skip the Mellor.

10/16/07: Some links to the assigned papers: the Mellor paper, the Lyons paper, the Van Fraassen chapter, the Mayr paper.

09/20/07: The (more or less) final syllabus is above.