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Philosophy 339

Philosophy of Art

 Bence Nanay

Spring 2009


Announcements and paper topics




3/31/09: The final papers are due on Thursday the 2nd at the beginning of class. Do remember my draconian late delivery policy: if you hand in your paper after the deadline, you get one grad off. If you hand it in more than 24 hours late, you get two grades off. And so on. So do hand it in on time.

3/19/09: Office hours next week: Tuesday 1-2, in my office.

3/19/09: Reading for next week: the second last chapter of the Carroll volume (‘On being moved by nature’).

3/19/09: The paper topics for the final paper are now online.

3/12/09: I forgot to mention on Thursday that you can complain about your midterm grade if you want to: you can ask me to re-grade it. I can, however, give you a worse grade than your original one. You have this option until the 25th.

3/12/09: No office hours next week. I’ll have office hours on Tuesday (the 24th) the week after. Time and place to be announced.

3/12/09: Reading for next week: Terrence Deacon’s paper from the Turner volume. You can also download the paper from here.

3/5/09: Reading for next week: Jerrold Levinson’s paper On Aesthetic Experience.

2/26/09: Reading for next week: the third chapter of the Carroll volume (‘Four concepts of aesthetic experience’).

2/26/09: Remember: The midterm exam is today.

2/12/09: There is no reading assigned for the week after the break, as that’s the week of the midterm. So, you should re-read everything we have read so far.

2/12/09: I will have extended office hours on the week of the midterm: from 12-2pm on the 24th at the PIT (in the SUB).

2/5/09: Reading for next week: the ninth chapter of the Turner volume.

2/4/09: Amazing piece of news: The UBC Bookstore just notified me that the second installment of the Carroll book has arrived.

1/29/09: Reading for next week: Richard Wollheim’s paper On Formalism.

1/22/09: Reading for next week: Susan Sontag’s paper Against Interpretation.

1/14/09: The date of the (open book and open laptop) midterm exam is February 26.

1/8/09: Here is an electronic version of the Carroll article (Art and Interaction) I assigned for Tuesday (for those of you who don’t have the book).

1/5/09: Important: There is no class this Thursday (the 8th).

1/5/09: Reading for next week: the first chapter (Art and Interaction) of the Carroll volume.

10/01/08: The (more or less) final syllabus is above.






You may want to take a look at my guidelines for writing a philosophy paper, which is posted on the Lecture Notes and Handouts website.